Tas Petroleum's fuel service is a key part of how we grew to where we are now. We can deliver quality fuel statewide, as well as provide the convenience of unattended fuel pumps which are expanding across the state.


Shell Diesoline is a premium quality automotive diesel fuel blended with up to 2% Coconut Methyl Ester (CME), in compliance with The Biofuels Act of 2006. Shell Diesoline is recommended for light and heavy-duty automotive applications (including off road). Shell Diesoline can also be used in industrial applications for boilers, furnaces and heaters requiring distillate fuel.


Premium Unleaded Petrol 98

Shell Premium Unleaded 98 has been specially developed to meet the increasing demand for high octane, premium fuels. Shell Premium Unleaded 98 contains Shell’s unique Fuel Economy Formula to help improve engine efficiency.

Shell Premium Unleaded 98 contains Shell’s exclusive Fuel Economy Formula which is designed to take you further*. The Fuel Economy Formula is designed to improve fuel economy by helping prevent the build up of engine deposits.

*The fuel economy any particular motorist achieves is also highly dependent upon driving style, weather conditions and the type and condition of the vehicle.


Unleaded Petrol 95

Higher octane for enhanced performance.

Shell Unleaded 95 has a minimum Research Octane Number of 95 and is specifically formulated for use in many imported and high performance vehicles which are designed to run exclusively on premium fuels with a minimum octane rating of 95.

Shell Unleaded 95 is designed to ensure your engine operates with improved performance and efficiency and also contains our exclusive Fuel Economy Formula, designed to prevent the build-up of carbon deposits, helping to maintain your engine’s efficiency.


Unleaded Petrol 91

At Shell we are committed to helping you go further. Shell Unleaded with Fuel Economy Formula has been designed by Shell experts to give you extra kilometres.*

Shell has played a leading role in the development of high quality fuels. For over 100 years, we have been supplying quality fuels, and investing in the best people and science in order to drive fuel technology forward. Through our international network of research and development centres, we’ve performed road trials equivalent to going round the world hundreds of times.

Shell Unleaded with Fuel Economy Formula is specially designed to give you extra kilometres by helping combat efficiency losses caused by deposits in your engine.*

Shell’s fuels scientists have explored where losses take place and have developed fuel formulation strategies to help improve engine combustion efficiency, creating innovative fuel technologies designed to give you extra kilometres.

*Based on tests using fuel without additives and may vary by vehicle.